Rise Series - The life of David
(Week 1)

*1Samuel 15:3
God commands Saul to destroy all.
*1Samuel 15:7-9
But Saul spared the king and everything that was “good”. (Spoils of war)

Incomplete obedience is still disobedience.

Are there things in our lives that we’re not obeying God completely?

*1Samuel 15:12
Saul set up a monument for his own honor. The heart of Saul is selfish.

God really looks at our hearts.

*1Samuel 15:13-15
Saul knows what he did, he did wrong and tries to justify it and blame it to other people.

*1Samuel 15:22
“To obey is better than sacrifice.”

Obedience always involves sacrifice, but sacrifices does not always involve obedience.

Are you doing things out of obligation?

If your heart is not for God, what you’re doing is useless.

It’s the inside that matters.

*1Samuel 16:7
“But the Lord looks at the heart.”

God chooses ordinary, imperfect people whose hearts are committed to Him.

*1Samuel 16:12

What is in our hearts?

*Psalm 51:10
David asks for a creation of a pure heart. (Pure- unblemished)

We must recognize if our hearts are pure or not.

God loves to fill what is empty.

*Luke 14:16-17
>Great banquet - God filling the deepest needs of the people.

*Luke 14:18-24
Master- God
Servant- Jesus
People- Us

The people made excuses.

1. I have just bought a field. - something for personal gain.
>Personal Gain
-consumerism: my happiness depends on how much I have.

There is a big difference between full and fulfilled.

2. I have just bought five oxen. - busy-ness
>Work and Responsibility
-“I’m too busy..” consuming information

3. I just got married. - relationships
>Being Complete in Someone Else
-Allowing other people to complete us. You’ve never been really complete in God.

"The only one who can complete us is the one who made us."

God should not be the bonus, be filled and satisfied with Him first and the rest shall be His bonuses to you.

So, what is in your heart now?

*Ephesians 5:18
Do not be filled with anything or anyone else other than God.

We must empty out ourselves, meaning God wants our whole heart.

Emptying out is a daily process. We must always pray to God for us to be filled with Him.

It’s only when we are empty that we can experience God’s love and grace more.