Dear Mr. God (21 April 2014)

I am honestly unsure of what to feel as to how You are moving in our lives. I am mostly happy though :) But I really miss our old home. The memories there are irreplaceable and the people, especially our spiritual family and friends. are greatly kept loved and missed.

We are confident that You have prepared a place for us here. We may have not found it yet, but I know, in Your time, we will. I hope it is not too much to ask that we could bring our dog, C-Max, to live there with us :) And may that new house be used for Your greater glory. May it be a place where Your people gather and grow together in faith and relationship with You.

Father, I am truly humbled and thankful for You! I couldn’t imagine our family without You. Thank you so much for everything! You already know what we need even before we ask. Your love is overwhelming <3 I love you so much Lord! <3

I pray that You would just continue to guide us in everything that we, protect us and our old home always and provide for everything that we need and more. I am confident because I depend and trust in You :)

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts again :)

Humbled and blessed to be Your princess,
Cassy <3